Toll-free: (877) 360-9307

Toll-free: (877) 360-9307

Here are some of the e-mails we have received from our customers:


Subject: great job!

yo, i just got my camera back IT'S UNBELIEVABLE ! it's just like brand new I can't tell you how much i appreciate what you have done for me ,now i don't have to spend big bucks to replace it .I just told my friend Lazlo who is an incredible photographer and one of his cameras just died on him so he will be getting in touch with you soon THANKS AGAIN -Richard G



Subject: RE: Repair Invoice Packing Slip #00095xxx

I received my camera yesterday. Everything is perfect. I am very happy. I
just want to thank you again for the excellent service & communication. I
would recommend Royal Camera Service to anyone with a camera problem.

Gail C



Subject: Re: Repair Invoice Packing Slip #00094xxx

Thank you very much. The camera now works like a charm now. The turn around time was much faster than I anticipated and the price I felt was very fair. Thank you your excellent work. I will certainly use you in the future if needs arise and recommend you to my friends in need of camera repair.

Best Regards,

Bill S



Subject: Re: Repair Invoice Packing Slip #00093xxx

I received my camera last night, as promised....I haven't given it a "full run" but just wanted you to know I impressed I am with the timely fashion of your services!
No doubt if I ever have another problem, Royal Camera Service will be my first call....thanks

Beverly B



Subject: Re: Repair Invoice Packing Slip #00092xxx

I received my camera on good shape. THANK YOU SO MUCH for checking it out
and finding that the only problem was that I stupidly put the batteries in
wrong. You could have charged me a fee for checking it out but you didn't. I
appreciate your service south as I am strapped for funds. Trust me - if I
can ever need and can afford a new camera you will be the first place I

Carolyn C. (82 & blonde!!!)



From: kurtis
Subject: A Heartfelt Thank You

I just wanted to take the time to tell you...THANK YOU!
I know my camera repair and data retrieval was just another job for you, but for me it was soo much more. You saved a lot of beautiful memories for me that would have been lost and for that I Thank you from the bottom of my Heart. The camera works better now than when I first bought it. Your company and your services are top notch professional and you have made a life long customer. I will go out of my way to tell anyone and everyone who needs anything camera related to come see you. You have made me very happy and once again....THANK YOU!



Subject: Satisfied customer

I want to extend my thanks for your fast turnaround and top quality service. The repairs you've make on my Canon EFS 17-85mm lens and Power Shot SX230 HS has each item working like new. In addition to you being my choice for future repairs, I've also mentioned the reliability of your services to others.
Thank you very much!




Subject: Re: Repair Invoice Packing Slip #000xxxxx

I appreciate it very much! The last time I had a camera that needed service I went to Canon repair. It was a terrible experience, with bad communication and bad customer service. Your staff has been nothing but courteous and communicative. I will recommend your company to my photographer friends without hesitation.



Subject: RE: Repair Invoice Packing Slip #000xxxxx


Got the camera back, and I must say that I am very, very pleased. You guys
did an outstanding job!!. I has been a pleasure doing business with you.





Thanks to all of you for bring my camera back to life! We are looking forward to taking pictures at THE MASTERS! You have been so great to work with. We appreciate all you have done and will tell other people of your great service
Thanks again,



Subject: Thank you

Thank you so much for fixing my camera!! I finally took it out and used it
again and it's so perfect!! I will for sure be using your company again...
Somehow my sisters camera is in the same shape mine was... Thanks again!!


Sent from my iPhone



From: Susie
Subject: Re: Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Thank you so much for your voicemail and email reply. Your instructions on the problem fixed the issue! You guys are great and I would be happy to leave positive feedback and will definitely share your site with other Canon users. Thank you again.

Sent from my iPhone



Subject: testimonial

Royal Cameras,
It was a bit scary to send my camera to somewhere unknown that I found on the internet but I am so glad that I did. Your service was fast. Your communication was beyond excellent. And your repair charges reasonable. You fixed my camera and I am so grateful. I will use your repair service again and recommend it to others.
Thank you so much.

Kristi K
Bemidji, MN



Subject: Re: Repair Invoice Packing Slip #000xxxxx

I wanted to let you know how pleased I've been with the service your company gave me. When I shipped you my Canon Rebel XS it was with much nervousness. Even though I had researched you online it still worried me to ship off my camera to unknown hands. But you were great in keeping me informed of all actions, you were prompt in the timelines you gave me, and, best of all, you fixed my camera!
I've been using the camera and it works like a charm again. Again, thank you for your service. I have already bragged on you to some fellow Canon users, should they need a repair service.

Nancy B


Subject: RE: Thank you for Good Repairs

Sending a brief message of thanks to Royal Camera Service Dept for repairing my Canon EOS 1D Mark 2n camera body (shutter, mirror issues) this year. So far, no problems, everything working good. Much appreciated!

Greg M


Subject: RE: Repair Order #00085xxx

Thank you, thank you, thank you! My camera arrived the day before yesterday.
It's in awesome working order and I am ready to take hundreds of graduation pictures this weekend. I am completely impressed with your service. Your communication, honesty, and ability to expedite my order was first class.
I've already shared your information with several of my photography friends.
I won't hesitate to use you again in the future. Please let me know if I can be a useful reference.

Again, my appreciation for a job well done and a customer with a smile!

Jennie McK


Subject: Re: Repair Order #00084xxx

i thank you very much for fixing my camera and am sorry we both had to go thru all that..but it is done and I am happy. you have no idea what this camera means to me. my husband purchased it as a gift, *we could never afford a brand spanking new one* and I fell in love with it. I took a class and got to know it. Locked up in maine with snow up my butt 6 mos out of the year, it is nice to have one. This camera opened up a new world to me, it is more than just a 'camera' to me. someday, I may be able to get a new one, but I honestly don't see that happening. My husband retires in june. I view the world differently thru the lens of this thing. I want to thank you so much for repairing it to proper working order..I know my husband already thanked you, but I wanted to thank you too. Please make sure your boss or owner sees this letter, it is good for him to know his business was done properly and he has happy customers.

Kay M



Subject: Camera #00083xxx

My cameras arrived today & I must say "they look great." Thanks for taking time to get the broken one back in working order and being honest enough to tell me that nothing was wrong the the other.
I look forward to recording my son's basketball game this Saturday.
Because of your honesty and great service I'm telling my friends and family about Royal Camera.
Thanks Again
Randy S (A satisfied customer)



Subject: RE: Repair Invoice Packing Slip #00083xxx

You guys are the best! I have been very pleased with your service and I have been telling anyone I know with camera problems to contact you. Thanks and have a good day.

Steve P. W
Comfort Advisor


Subject: Re: Repair Invoice Packing Slip #00083xxx

Dear Sir:

Thank you for your service. The camera arrived by UPS Monday Evening, January 20, 2014. I feel that the job was very nicely done and complete. Thank you again for your excellent service.
Have continual success with your business.
Stephen L. J



Subject: Re: Repair Invoice Packing Slip #00078xxx

Just a note to thank you all so much for fixing my camera so quickly and sending it to me safely and ahead of the promised schedule. I'm really pleased. 

My best wishes,
Lori K



Subject: Canon EOS 5D

Hello Paul,

My name is Joe Taglione, I spoke with you briefly on Wednesday Sept. 20, about a problem I had with my Canon EOS 5D. The Pix were too blue and could not be corrected with white balance adjustment or Kelvin Color Temp. The only way to correct the problem was with a 10Y CC filter or in photo shop.

My fearing the worst - a sensor replacement, you suggested that I try resetting the camera to original factory default settings and go from there. That's exactly what I did and the camera is back to working just fine. I guess the Camera settings became corrupted.

This email is to thank you for being so helpful and honest, You must come from the old school of ethics. Your honesty is sincerely appreciated. If and when I need a camera repair or service I will not hesitate to send my equipment out to you.
Thank you again.

Joe T

PS feel free to use this email as a testimony


Subject: Camera

I received my camera today. It seems to be working great. I was very nervous sending my camera to a camera shop I found online. I appreciate the way you stayed in touch with me while you had my camera. I also want to thank you for fixing it quickly and getting it back to me so quickly. I have an Olympus that needs a door where the memory cards are. Do you work on Olympus brand? 

Thank you.
Julie Akers



Dear Incredibly Wonderful People at Royal Camera:

I received my Canon Ps SX30 IS back today after sending it out for repair a few weeks ago. I was totally surprised to see it back so quickly and working once again as I had given up hope and even thought about buying a replacement... so, for the fraction of the cost of a new camera, you have come to the rescue.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! My phone camera was "okay" but there's nothing like my Canon.
You all ROCK.
Gracie F



I just wanted to thank you for your courteous and professional services on my camera! Although I have not received it back yet, I am confident that all is well. I appreciate the fact that you guys all promptly return emails and answer questions and are so polite and professional! I got burned once using a service that was  out of state, so I was a bit wary, but I would recommend your business ot anyone. Thank you so very much!!!!

Alice O



I want to thank you for the excellent service in repairing my camera. It was done in a timely manner and done well and for a reasonable price. I appreciate your good service. Please pass my thanks along to whomever was a part of repairing my camera.

David R



Just got my camera back~ can't thank you enough for your wonderful service!!! I will recommend you to everyone!!!
Christy F


Dear Royal Camera Service,
We received our repaired and cleaned camera. Wow! It works and looks as good as brand new!
We are joining your fan club.

Thank you very much,
Hank W
Carmel, IN



I'd like to write a few words to let you know how happy I am with your service. I have relied on your repair services several times over last few years. Each and every time I am very happy with the outcome.
Fast, reliable and very professional service, very friendly and knowledgeable people on the phone.
Always meeting your deadlines and what is most important to me - my equipment is like brand new when I get it back. Clean, flawless and working great! Thanks for staying in business all these years.
I am recommending you to every photographer I know!

Thanks again

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